Seoksik Chang (Michael Chang: English Name) – CEO of Boost Korea

Seoksik (Michael) Chang holds a Bachelor of International Trade & Commerce from College of Occidental Language of the HUFS (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies), the birthplace of foreign language education in Korea, with educational exchange ties with 463 universities in 90 countries worldwide.

He has approximately 20 years of experience in international trading and development with various companies in Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar, Taiwan and Indonesia.

He is an expert in development of winning entry strategies to South-East Asian Market, export management, international marketing and international sales.

He led diverse business including raw material deals in South-East Asian Market.

Before starting an active business career, he was a Market Analyst for International Trading Business at Pacific Group & ADT Group.

He was President/CEO for International Marketing, Sales and Business Development at both IDS (Intrusion Detection System) and at Marisa International.

He has managed to create Agricultural Business and Investment with a subsidiary company of PetroVietnam Group in HCMC, Vietnam.

In addition, he also set up companies in Singapore, Myanmar, Taiwan and Indonesia for International Trading Business.

Extensive experience in policy, strategy and business development. Skilled at top-level negotiation, management and trade. Leads international industrial and agricultural projects. Knowledge of emerging markets.