Ravindra (Ravi) Nara is very powerful in the hydrocarbons sector of India. His family is active in politics in India as his grandfather was the deputy Prime Minister of India i.e. Ch. Devi Lal and his son is still very active in politics in India and hence all connections in India are stemming from that.

He is also part of a group i.e. Euromax Capital which is a well known M&A company and Investment bankers based out of London and they are among the leading companies in the world in regards to M&A and cross border deals in various sectors such as Oil & Gas, Mining, Mineral (Coal, Bauxite, Iron Ore), Infrastructure, Steel, Fertilizers and Agriculture originating out of India and they work with top private companies and Government sector.

In lieu of the above he is well connected with the ministers, senior bureaucrats and government officials in the Public Sector Undertakings (PSU’s) in India.

Extensive experience in policy and business development. Skilled at top-level negotiation, management and trade. Leads international industrial and agricultural projects. Knowledge of emerging markets.