Category: Projects

Demercaptanization Project

The demand for condensate has driven Boost and its consortium partners to launch and lead a condensate project. The DMC (dimethyl carbonate) industrial plant or DMC unit – i.e. an onshore demercaptanization unit or an offshore demercaptanization unit on a VLCC converted into FSO – removes mercaptan from condensate. The demercaptanized condensate production of Boost and its consortium partners will be exported to various destinations.

Oilfield Development Project

Deep offshore hydrocarbons, once considered to be out of reach, now make up around 30% of the world’s yet-to-be-discovered conventional resources. Their exploitation, which takes place at greater and greater water depths, in increasingly difficult seas and within increasingly isolated reserves characterized by complex fluids, represents a major challenge for the future of energy. Thanks to its experience in deep offshore and […]