The Abela family is part of the royal family of Spain. Ávila (called Abela by the Romans) is the capital of the Ávila province (where Saint Teresa, Doctor of the Church, is born), part of Castile and León, the largest autonomous community of Spain. The Abela family is also a noble family of Malta and a reputable family of Lebanon.

George Abela was unanimously elected President of the Republic of Malta by the Maltese Parliament on April, 4, 2009, for the first time since the country gained its independence from the United Kingdom. His term ended in April 2014.

In 1941, Robert Abela founded in Lebanon the Syndicate of Press Editors (“Syndicat des rédacteurs de presse”) and became its first president. He also acquired the papers “Al-Zaman” and “Al-Bachir”.

In 1948, Albert Abela founded in Lebanon a major-league catering international group including various forms of catering, from life support services and food processing to transportation: supplying in-flight meals but also catered in airports (such as the airports of Beirut, Dubai, Heathrow, Gatwick, Athens, Sharjah, Bucharest and Sofia), in hospitals, in nursing homes, in hotels (in France Monaco, London and Egypt), in organizations, in schools, in universities, in onshore and offshore oilfields and in event and hospitality catering. The group has also invested worldwide in the field of high-end leisure: acquisitions of several four- and five-star hotels in Egypt, the United Kingdom, France (Gray d’Albion in Cannes), and Monaco (L’Abela Hotel in Monaco now known as Hôtel Colombus). It also owns a significant stake of Casino du Liban, one of the largest state-owned enterprises in Lebanon and has been operating and managing it. Operations in 40 countries (including the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, India and the United Kingdom), over 15 million meals a year including meals served to air passengers of 165 airlines, 34,000 employed people, and annual turnover of $1.3 billion.

In 2001, Marlon Abela founded in Mayfair, London a group which owns and operates a worldwide portfolio across London and the east coast of the United States including the two-Michelin-starred Greenhouse, Mayfair, the two-Michelin-starred Umu, Mayfair and the two-Michelin-starred The Square, Mayfair; Morton’s Private Members’ Club, Mayfair; Green’s Restaurant, St James’s; O. W. Loeb Wine Merchants (known for specialising in Burgundy, Rhône and German wines), Tower Bridge; MARC Fine Wines (120,000 bottles of fine wine in stock), Mayfair; MARC Patisserie & Bakery, Perivale; A Voce, Madison Square Park, New York; A Voce, Time Warner Center, Colombus Circus, New York; Morello Bistro (formerly Gaia), Greenwich, Connecticut; Bistro du Midi, Boston, Massachusetts; and, Cassis Bistro, South Kensington, London.